Butterworth & Scheck, Inc.
10 Thompson St. Stratford, CT. 06615


Donald Butterworth and Ray Scheck started the business on February 18, 1972 as a two man crew with an International backhoe, one Chevrolet pickup truck and a GMC dump truck.  By the end of 1972 there were four employees and today the company has approximately  22 employees.

In 1972 Donald & Ray worked out of their homes and in 1976 the company purchased a building at 29 Thompson Street, Stratford.  The garage was reconstructed into a concrete block building with two bays and small office space.  In 1979 they purchased a small upholstery shop adjacent to the garage at 29 Thompson Street and this became the new offices.  In 1994 as the business continued to grow we purchased the property at 10 Thompson Street and erected a 12,000 square foot building.  The new building would house our new offices, trucks and equipment also providing room for repairing, maintaining and storing our growing fleet of equipment.

   Remediation work at Gun Club,  Stratford, CT  

   Building a Gabion Wall for Aquarion Water  Company at Well Fields, New Milford, CT 

  • Most of Butterworth & Scheck's employees are 40 HR certified, 10 HR OSHA trained , hazardous work zone certified
  • Extensive experience with lead contaminated soil remediation
  • Instrumental in designing a separation system for removing lead shot from soil
  •  Experience in removal of arsenic impacted soil
  •  Extensive experience in selective land clearing
  •  Confined space trained with all equipment and monitors
  •  Explosives licenses
  •  Constructed  well and pump stations
  •  Licensed in septic systems, gasoline & oil tank installation and plumbing
  •  Equipment owned by Butterworth& Scheck:       A range of excavators from 10,000 lbs. to 75,000 lbs., pay loaders, backhoes, dozers, brush cutters, dump   trucks which range from small mason dumps to triaxles and triaxle dump trucks.  Plus over 60 pieces of various equipment and more that 35 assorted trucks,

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